Saturday, January 23, 2010


The only hard-drive Bible software program that I have used is BibleWorks 8, and I’m still in the process of learning how to use all of its functions. However, even a basic knowledge of BibleWorks is extremely helpful. If you can click in a box and type, you can use BibleWorks to great advantage. Even if you have no knowledge of Greek, you can access and compare different English (and other modern language) translations of the Bible, which is always helpful. And if you do have a background in Greek and/or Hebrew, but you are far from fluent, BibleWorks can enhance what you already know and remind you of things that may have slipped your mind. Also, the ability to export translations and texts from BibleWorks directly to Microsoft Word is great for comparing texts and then adding your own commentaries on them. This also makes it easy to e-mail or print texts so that others who don’t have BibleWorks can see your work. BibleWorks also offers frequent updates and the ability to download helpful study tools like the Talmud and other extra-biblical texts. It also offers statistical information that you don’t need a background in Greek or Hebrew to access and lets the user compare various uses of a word or phrase throughout the Bible, which is particularly useful in translation comparison and is even more useful if you can read exactly what is in the original Greek or Hebrew. (BrianB)

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