Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cross Word 3.5

Cross Word correctly claims that it is easy to use, but that is partly because it offers very little.  The download was extremely slow.  It is free, although the program can be downloaded at cost in a faster format.  The paid version also has a sound function that can only be previewed in the free version.  Since the program is tied to an individual machine, it can be used regardless of internet access.  CrossWord uses three function buttons, forward and backward chapter buttons, and a search window.  The “Book” button allows you to choose an Old or New Testament book or to select a translation.  Only two translations are available with the free version; the display will allow you to view the King James Version and the World English Bible with the 1917 edition Scofield reference notes and a column for personal notes.  Another button recalls the search history, and the third allows the creation of bookmarks by category.  Both the KJV and WEB texts are linked to the Strongs numbered definitions; however, not all words in the translation are linked which may be confusing to those not already familiar with the languages.  The search window allows a slow English word search that is displayed in an additional column; statistics on the words are not available.  Overall, CrossWord is limited by its translations and references.  It’s strongest feature is the user’s ability to link personal study notes to each verse and the program’s compatibility with Windows, Mac, and, to a limited extent, Linux. (TraciMB)

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  1. Is WEB really linked with Strong's numbers? That is not a thing I'm aware of anywhere else. Interesting.