Saturday, January 23, 2010

Into the New Testament

Into the New Testament” is a web-based resource still in development.

What I like about this website right from the start is that it is laid out in a logical fashion.  The home page is simple with icons listed in the order the user will use them to progress (the last two icons are for help and a “contact us” icon).   The Help icon is a nice graphical overview of the site..

The first four icons are “Getting Started,” “The Skills,” “The Literature,” and “Activity Grid.”
  • Getting Started: “What you will need” simply gives a link to download Flash Player, and recommendations for books that will assist in your study.
  • The Skills: Provides a list of nine necessary skills for close study of the text and exercises for developing them.
  • The Literature: A quick overview of the Literature of the NT.
  • Activity Grid: Provides the scenarios that further the study of the texts.
This Bible study tool is based on problem based learning.  By working through scenarios (so this is best utilized in teams of some sort), the student begins their study of the texts in order to arrive at a solution to the problem.

I like this resource because it may be used in a class setting, but also, I think, as a way to involve a lack-luster church Bible study group (perhaps even an online group).  It also allows for as basic or in-depth a study as the group may be ready for.

Into the New Testament has been developed by Mary Hinkle Shore, associate professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary, and is hosted by Luther Seminary.

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