Saturday, January 23, 2010

MacSword 2.1

MacSword is a free program for creating a library of Bible study resources; Bibles, commentaries, etc.
The first thing I will note is the daunting disclaimer which caused me to go forward with great trepidation.  So far, I have not been attacked by terrorists or as far as I know, the CIA.
This is not a user friendly program.  It does not have an attractive interface and the instructions leave a great deal to be desired, but it is free as are most modules.  I was prepared to give MacSword a solid thumbs down in the midst of my initial frustrations.
I have downloaded the NETBible (Free NetNotes are available).  It is easy to navigate book and chapter.  I initially could not search for a selection of more than one verse.  A search on Luke 15: 12-20, must be formatted thus, Luke 15:12-20.  Navigating through MacSword is largely trial and error.
One function I did figure out quite readily is the parallels function.  Within this program, the user may parallel as many Bible versions and commentaries as will fit on the screen.
I will note that the Greek translation I have downloaded (OT-LXX/NT Tischendorf), does not translate or parse.
I believe with more work in this program I’d find many reasons to recommend it for some.  For me, with MacSwords poor interface and lack of features, it is worth saving the money until you can afford Accordance (or simply use online resources). (BrianC)

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  1. Hi.

    MacSword is another front-end under the CrossWire umbrella.
    That means hundreds of available modules of all kinds of languages.

    The disclaimer you are mentioning id default for all SWORD based applications. At least we are asking permission before making internet connections to download modules. Btw: you won't notice the disclaimer until you actually open the remote module installer.
    Another reason for this disclaimer is the fact that our software is used in countries where one might get in trouble downloading christian content or maybe the internet connection is expensive.

    I don't really see why you think that MacSword is not a user friendly program. There is a learning curve but I believe it is quite steep. Unfortunately you miss telling the readers why you think so.
    You are actually the first one who thinks that the user interface is not attractive. There possibly is room for improvement but it is a clean and well layed out and not to overloaded interface. Unfortunately you don't tell why you don't like it.

    In the right sidebar you can navigate in per book/chapter without typing a verse range. However the preferred way of looking up verses or verse ranges is typing in the reference. Accordance does this similarly and I think this is quite common which makes me a bit surprised about what you write about that.

    I don't understand what you mean with "does not translate"? What do you want to have translated or parsed? The greek texts obviously are for people that do understand greek (so not for me). However, for greek<-> english translation there are dictionary modules available for download.

    Finally you are saying that it lacks features. Unfortunately you again miss to tell what features you are missing.
    I think it has many features. Maybe you just missed seeing them?

    Forgive me but I think your review is poor. Readers get heavily biased for not using MacSword which it really doesn't deserve.


    MacSword developer