Sunday, January 17, 2010


Theophilos is a Bible study program which runs on Windows OSs from 95 through Vista. The authors have taken considerable care to make sure that the package is compatible with readers for the visually impaired. It has a variety of powerful features which allow the user to do sophisticated searches, make notes, jumplists, and topic books, use and create multimedia, and author add-on modules. This is all available for free download. What is lacking in the freeware is resources; only the KJV, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, and Easton’s Bible Dictionary are included. Upgraded versions of the library are available on CD for $20-$70. Other downloadable add-ons may be purchased separately for $10 -$25 each or as a package for $130. These upgrades include additional versions of the Bible in English and other languages; however, the NRSV is not available. There are three Greek NTs on the upgrade CD: Scrivener's Greek NT 1894; Stephanus Textus Receptus; and Westcott-Hort Greek NT. No Hebrew Bible is available, although there are two Hebrew-Aramaic dictionaries and versions of the KJV and NASB which include Strong’s numbers. In spite of the powerful software, I think the resources are lacking, and I would compare Theophilos to other packages to see if I could find one with better resources. Another major drawback for me is that the way the package handles configuration files requires that it be run as an administrator, and I do not think that is acceptable.

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