Saturday, January 23, 2010

OliveTree BibleReader (Palm OS with NET Bible)

OliveTree BibleReader
Noting that the NET version was a free download, I bravely ventured into downloading it without reviewing much of the Olive Tree information.  I was pleased to find the download of both Reader (for my Palm Centro; Palm-Pre also supported) and Bible went smoothly.
The operation of the software, is intuitive and friendly.  The Centro has a small screen, but the bible is easy to navigate and the text is crisp and easy to read.  Verse finder is fast and easy to follow.  The notes function works nicely, though it would be terrific if one could tap a note and have the verse come up.  There is a “verse history” function that I also find helpful both as reminder of where I’ve been and as a speedier way to toggle between passages without having to flip through book, chapter, verse.  (Notes function is for making notes and does not include NetBible notes.)
I’ve performed just one “search” on the word grace.  A period of about 15 seconds resulted in 118 hits (same as BibleWorks) within the OT and NT corpus.  Pretty good for a phone.  The results are listed in the bottom of what has now turned to a split screen.  Scrolling through them is quick enough.  With 118 hits , however, it would be helpful to have a pop-up “Book” window to guide the user through what books they are coming upon.  I recommend this software, and I am happy for the ability to have a readable pocket Bible with me at all times. There is an abundance of other free and for-sale resources that can be added.

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