Sunday, January 24, 2010

BibleZ for Palm Pre

I started with intentions of downloading OliveTree to my Palm Pre.  After 4 hours, multiple failed attempts and coming very close to throwing my Palm Pre through the living room window, I caved, gave up on Olive Tree and went with BibleZ and have not looked back.  So brief review of Olive Tree - obviously not user-friendly for download to Palm Pre.  BibleZ on the other hand was extremely user-friendly for the download process.  It is located in the Pre application catalog.  BibleZ is a bible software application specifically made for webOS.  BibleZ relies on Zefania XML Bible modules (versions), there are currently 56  modules in different languages available for free download.  There is a bookmark feature which is handy to save the spot where you left off, and also a notes section that is easily accessible verse-by-verse.  There are no search categories which makes it tough to do any kind of exegetical work.  It's also kind of clumsy when trying to move to certain passages.  It would be nice if you could just type something like "John 3:16" and it popped up.  Overall pretty good - free application that has many modules (versions) to choose from and very easy/user-friendly to download, but lacking in search functionality.  I would recommend this application to anyone with a Palm Pre who is especially interested in language versions other then English.

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  1. The link to the Zefania XML Bible modules looks to provide about 165 or so Bible versions.
    There are Linux and Windows installers.
    According to the web site (

    If a verse has one or more parallel verses, these will be displayed as links at the end of the verse. Depending on your settings, just hover over a link to see the respective passage of the Bible displayed in the preview area or as a tool tip. Clicking the link will open the parallel passage in a bigger context.

    Some modules contain Strong's tags, which you can display checking Display → Strong's. Like with parallel passages, information will then be displayed on mouseover.