Saturday, January 23, 2010

NET Bible Online

I have explored various online options for Biblical studies.  One that I like in particular is the NET Bible online.  This is a great resource, because it’s kind of like a free version of BibleWorks.  It allows you to see Greek and Hebrew versions of biblical texts, and various English translations as well.  For a parishioner or otherwise curious student for whom BibleWorks might not seem like a good investment, this is a great tool.   It shows the Greek and Hebrew and allows you to “click on it” just like BibleWorks, and then it gives you a very simple explanation of the word in the original text, and these explanations are helpful for study even if you don’t have a background in biblical languages.  It’s a great tool for translation comparison and is accessible to everyone for free and would be useful during a lecture series as it could be projected on a screen and used to facilitate discussion in a classroom setting, and it could also be used as a basis for an online study and discussion group. (BrianB)

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  1. has tools to search/study/read the Bible online in 125 languages/translations.