Saturday, January 23, 2010

LaParola 7.13

La Parola is Italian for The Word, and The Word is what La Parola wishes to display.  This is a free Bible software program that is comparable to Bible Works program.  In this review I will be making comparisons between the programs because they similar in what they can be used for. 

As far as value is concerned La Parola is a free program, so you will not lose money on this deal.  Time is also valuable.  La Parola did not take much time to download and set up.  However, the updates that contained additional Bible Versions and commentaries did take a good bit of time to download.  As a person that is familiar with the Bible Works program it took little time and effort to get adjusted to how the program works.  The La Parola website, which is linked from the program, offers 3 helpful instructional videos that show what the program is capable of how to perform the actions.  I have to believe for the lay person who is not familiar with Bible Works, La Parola is more accessible.

In terms of content La Parola is more geared to the Lay Person who is not interested in learning Greek.  La Parola offers a few Greek versions, but it does not offer the resourses that Bible Works has in how to learn and interpret the Greek version.   The standard Bible versions that La Parola offers is not that great (no NIV, NET, or RSV).  The only popular version that comes standard is the King James Version.  It is possible to add more versions from other Bible resources such as E-sword and OSIS.  The dictionaries and other resources are few, but functional. 

I would recommend this program to the lay person who interested in reading different versions of scripture at the same time and searching for words or phrases.

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  1. If you want free Greek NT, LaParola offers the best alternative w/ the CCAT text, Westcott&Hort, Tischendorf, and Tregelles; further, check out View > Commentary > Manuscripts of the NT ... This is really helpful
    It does include pretty much the same dictionaries/aids as other public domain ones do: ISBE, Easton, Hitchcock, Strongs, Nave's, Torrey's, ... but you can import anything from Christian Classics Ethereal Library (