Saturday, January 23, 2010 is a free site that offers a comprehensive selection of resources that are arranged in an easy-to-access format.  The home page has 25 buttons for tools including a concordance, commentaries, interlinear and interwoven texts, devotions and a mobile feature.  There are 148 versions available in a variety of languages, including 22 English variations, and it includes a verse-by-verse translation comparison.  The site also includes a children’s version, though it is text without pictures and not significantly different from other contemporary translations.  Regrettably, Biblos lacks both the NET and The Message for literal and dynamic translations.  The Greek and Hebrew language tools are easy to use; you can hover your mouse over the word for translation.  It is not as useful as a program like BibleWorks for in depth language study; it doesn’t have the same capacity for statistics work or the ability to keep personal notations.  You can’t search for frequency or usage for Greek or Hebrew words, though you can search resources for English words.  The site also includes the Apocrypha, which may be useful for readers who don’t have it in their hardcopy Bible.  Since it is web-based, it is available wherever one has internet access.  This free site does not ask for monetary support, though there is a function for donating to the contributors who maintain the site.  The site includes advertisements and links to other sites and sources including sites promoting decision theology that encourage users to share contact information if they either accept or still have questions about Christianity.  (TraciMB)

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